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Google has published a new guide and overview on how to use the platform’s various advertising tools to help maximize your eCommerce opportunities.

Under the banner of ‘transforming shopping experiences’, Google outlines the range of ways you can utilize its ad targeting options to better showcase your products, and connect with the right audience at the right time.

The guide essentially aims to highlight Google’s evolving tools for ad targeting – for example, Google provides this overview of how you can use the various Google Ads targeting options for more effective retargeting.

Google eCommerce guide
Most eCommerce businesses would be at least somewhat aware of these options, but they may not be aware of all of them. That’s the key impetus for this overview – Google’s always adding more targeting tools, and if you haven’t stayed up to date with each of its updates, the guide gives you a quick catch-up on all the latest tactics at your disposal.

Google eCommerce ad targeting options
There’s not a heap to it – the guide is only seven pages in length – but it is worth checking out if you’re not sure that you’re on top of all the latest Google ad options, and the ways in which you can target relevant audience segments through Google’s tools.

There are definitely some essential considerations here – you can download the full guide here, or check out Google’s eCommerce overview page for more information.