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Years ago, it was easier to make a sale via face time with the client, but these days you’re more likely to communicate, at least initially, via email, which presents the challenge of making your proposal stand out in among the raft of other pitches and proposals which are crowding your potential client’s inbox.

To maximize potential impact, businesses are upgrading their sales strategy to incorporate a video presentation. Not only does this put a face to your business, but it can also be individualized to each client, and can significantly help you stand out among the rest.

Consider these steps to take your sales strategy to the next level with an introductory video.

1. Introduce Yourself To Clients

Add a more human, and engaging, element to your pitch and introduce yourself to potential clients with a video.

You can let them know what makes your products or services better from the rest, and give them an idea of what kinds of people they can expect to work with by choosing you.

A corporate video can be used as an initial means of contact or a unique way to send clients some information prior to a sales meeting – more than just a sales deck showing off products and price points, a corporate video can provide a platform to show off your merchandise and let potential buyers see them in action.

This is an excellent sales strategy that will get them thinking about your business, and help to take things to the next step.

2. Use Video Content During Your Sales Pitch

When you get the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting with a client, having video content in your sales strategy can help a lot.

More than just presenting numbers, a corporate video enables potential buyers to see your products in use, and learn exactly how they’re beneficial. This is especially useful for those businesses that offer services or products which can’t be brought into the office for the meeting. Adding a quality visual aid to your sales approach allows you to show off the design process, manufacturing floors, your talented staff, and so much more.

3. Send Clients A Follow Up Video

After you’ve made initial contact with a client, and spoken to them about your products or services, it’s always a good idea to follow up. The purpose of a follow up is to remind potential customers of the small details they may have forgotten from your original conversation.

Instead of sending them a lengthy email with numerous documents attached, consider sending a video presentation. Not only can you sum up your meeting in just a few minutes, but you can also personalize the video to each client and make sure to hit the key points that were spoken about.

A corporate video can also serve as a tool which enables you to show your face again, and remind your potential clients of the connection you made in person. Often those who you hold meetings with aren’t in charge of making final purchasing decisions for the company. Sending a video follow-up is far easier for a busy CEO to take a look at than a wordy email.

4. Customize The Video For Each Client

Instead of holding a video conference or phone call with an interested client, send them a personalized video proposal. Not only does this set the tone for the quality of work they can expect from you, but it demonstrates the level of dedication you and your colleagues have.

This can be especially useful for businesses who work with those in alternate time zones, as there’s no need to get on a call simultaneously. Simply send them a corporate video, personalized to their needs, along with the benefits they can expect when working with you. The fact that you’ve gone the extra mile will not go unnoticed.

Give your potential buyers more than what they ask for with a sales strategy that’s proven to stand out. A corporate video can be used to attract more clients at practically any stage of the sales process. Prove that you’re willing to go above and beyond for those who choose to work with you by personalizing it and letting clients get a peek at what goes on behind the scenes.

Making them feel comfortable buying from you is the key to a successful video sales strategy.