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Instagram is considered to be one of the most used social media platform that have pictures and videos that you can share with your friends, in addition some people open business pages where they can offer and present different issues and gather a huge number of followers.

There are different ways that you can use to increase your followers either legal or illegal:

  • Most of the customers before following any page they look at it in a general way to see if it can benefit them or if it is something they may be interested in.

The page must include a proper profile picture, the bio must introduce the content of the page, and finally the posts must be related to what is introduced in the bio.

The bio may include: the name of the company, the phone number, what services are being delivered, etc… (All the information needed by the customer)

As a result a huge number of customers will follow the page

  • Try to upload posts based on a schedule and not randomly.

Choosing the time is the most important point that must be taken into consideration; that means that posts have to be uploaded at the time people are highly active on Instagram.

It’s important not to let the followers who followed at the beginning to forget that they followed us and always stay active with them.

  • Promote the page to create visibility and increase awareness.

Social media button may be added to the website that helps social shares and helps where to find the page on Instagram

  • Trends are becoming more popular and most of the trends attract a huge number of audiences which as a result may let them follow the page.
  • Try to choose the best eye-catchy visuals with the best captions.

Photos 68%, Videos 50% and Text 30%

The content of the page must be divided fairly between photos and videos, but nowadays videos are attracting customers more as it contains more information and their designs attracts more.

  • Converting hash tags

Hash tags give the post high visibility and a chance to be found.

The popular the hash tags the higher the chance of gaining followers.

  • Connecting to other social media accounts

Connecting two social accounts together may increase the number of followers such as connecting Facebook and Instagram

  • Increasing discount, prizes and coupon posts which will increase the possibility to increase followers


  • (Illegal) The influence following strategy

Some of the pages follow people to influence them to follow the page and after a couple of days they unfollow them and as a result they increased their followers.

  • (Illegal) There are applications that increase the number of followers within a brief time such as “Neutrino +”


  • The shout out influencer strategy

Getting shout outs from people with high influence authority in Instagram from a similar related niche